Risk & Compliance

With our expertise in risk and compliance, E&W Strategies helps organizations comply with regulatory requirements, respond to situations of noncompliance, and improve the processes around environmental governance, risk, and compliance.

Compliance Strategies

Organizations are facing increasing pressure from across jurisdictions, sectors, and operational levels, and are recognizing the importance of integrating regulatory compliance in their business strategy.

From building cases for disputes, negotiating terms with regulators, and effectively communicating with antitrust authorities, our team draws on our deep industry experience and knowledge to help our clients in every stage of the regulatory compliance lifecycle, particularly in developing an initial compliance plan and handling potential investigations.

Internal Investigations

We have deep experience in undertaking a variety of investigations for our clients in response to government inquiries, internal disclosures, or external due diligence requests, while minimizing internal or third-party risk.

Advising on ESG Risk & Strategies

We help our clients effectively identify and manage risks that may arise as a result of environmental, social, and governance issues. With comprehensive assessments and evaluations of clients’ specific environmental, social, and governance risks, we help our clients paint a credible and candid picture of achievements and directions on sustainability and social impact, which speaks to investors and other stakeholders.

Monitoring Support for Settlement Actions

Equipped to administer settlement actions on any scale and in a wide range of practice areas, we offer superior expertise, support services, transparency, and responsiveness to provide solutions to a successful class action claims administration.

Evaluation of EHS Programs

We help clients evaluate, stress test, and develop customized, proactive compliance programs to consistently produce high-level results and rapidly support clients’ responses to any government oversight or facility incident.

Environmental Audit Oversight

We provide audit oversight services to assist organizations in meeting the assurance demands outlined in regulations and standards.

Due Diligence

From initiation to completion, we ensure our clients have successful and safe transactions by identifying and quantifying industry and deal-specific risks and opportunities. Our team is equipped to evaluate quality and reasonableness of historical and projected earnings and cash flows, identify hidden costs, commitments and contingencies, as well as identify and quantify tax exposures and liabilities.