Government & Regulatory Affairs

E&W Strategies work with executive and legislative branches, as well as state and municipal bodies, to shape policy and regulations and advocate on behalf of our clients’ interests. Our blend of rich experiences and winning strategies help companies and organizations navigate today’s complex legislative and regulatory environment.

Regulatory & Enforcement Advisory

With vast experience in advising clients on public policy and regulation, we provide our clients with the insights and guidance needed to navigate an ever-changing and complex environment.

Legislative Strategy

Our team offers a deep and diverse approach that has successfully weathered changes in the political climate. Honesty, competence, persuasive communication, and deep, longstanding ties on both sides of the aisle are our hallmark traits.

In combination with our extensive skills and experience in the federal appropriations, grants, regulatory, legislative, and authorization processes, we help clients achieve a wide range of legislative objectives.

Coalition-Building & Management

Our team builds, manages, sustains, and transforms the nation’s leading issue coalitions. We draw upon extensive experience with a cross-section of organizations working together to leverage their own policy and political objectives for the greater good.

Public Policy Analysis

Policy analysis plays an important role in helping to define and outline the goals of a proposed policy and in identifying similarities and differences in expected outcomes and estimated costs. Our team tackles policies to forecast future needs based on past and present conditions.

Subject Matter Expertise & Advocacy

We assist domestic and international firms with raising the profile of their environmental service capabilities within the United States. Our team designs, implements, markets, hosts, and facilitates executive-level gatherings of public and private officials to raise brand awareness and establish a leading presence for our clientele. We can reposition institutions to better achieve national recognition of their efforts, identify new and strategic partnership opportunities, and advance discussions around complex and controversial issues.

Project Finance Advisory

We provide strategic financing and development strategies to identify and implement the best options to meet our clients’ growth and business objectives – be it a major capital project or an effort focused on evaluating the risks and rewards of various financing options.